Fluorous Applications

Small Molecule Synthesis

Benefits of Fluorous Small Molecule Synthesis:

  • Accelerate your workflow with solution phase synthesis
  • Design fast, robust purifications into your synthetic scheme
  • Use fluorous with a broad range of reaction conditions and chemistries
  • Purify diverse structures with a single method
  • Reduce the number of steps needed to synthesize and immobilize a small molecule

FluoroFlash tags, scavengers, and reagents are well suited for the synthesis of small molecules. The simplicity and orthogonality of fluorous separations makes them especially attractive for library synthesis, since a single purification method can be used across a range of molecules. Maximize the value of your protecting group chemistry. Gain solution-phase kinetics and stoichiometry plus solid-phase like separation for your scavenging reactions. Optimize your combinatorial chemistry by using our unique technology. Create small molecule content for microarrays using the same tags used for immobilization.

Fluorous compounds are molecules, not materials, and they do not require special solvents or analytical techniques. They are compatible across a wide array of chemistries, including anionic, cationic, free radical, organometallic, and microwave reaction conditions, providing you with the flexibility across all the reactions you need to get the molecules you want.

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