About Fluorous Technologies

Originally founded by fluorous chemistry pioneer Prof. Dennis Curran (University of Pittsburgh), certain assets and IP of Fluorous Technologies Incorporated were acquired in 2013 by Boron Specialties, LLC.  Also located in Pittsburgh, Boron Specialties intended to continue making the unique fluorous chemistry available to the research community.

While applications of fluorous chemistry in synthesis are largely limited to niche applications, we continue to support customers in new application areas like development of selective sampling, analysis, and remediation methods for PFAS / PFOA / PFOS contamination in the environment.  

About Boron Specialties

Boron Specialties (boron.com) develops, manufactures, and trades in chemicals and applications that leverage the unique properties of boron, with emphasis on high-value boranes & borohydrides.  Our products deliver specific performance solutions for a variety of markets including electronics, pharma, energy, nanomaterials, and industrial products.

We are a world leader in the manufacture of polyhedral boranes, and often serve as an advanced chemistry technology development partner for strategic customers.  

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