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Intellectual Property

At Fluorous Technologies, we take great pride in our innovative technology and products. Consequently, Fluorous products and processes are protected by a variety of patent, trademark, and other intellectual property rights. Fluorous Technologies enforces its intellectual property rights and prosecutes those who infringe on these rights.


This is a listing of patents licensed or owned by Fluorous Technologies Inc. This is not a comprehensive list of all Fluorous Technologies patents. Other U.S. and foreign patents are pending.

  • Fluorous Reaction and Separation Systems - US 5,777,121, US 5,859,247, US 6,156,896
  • Fluorous Separation and Reaction Methods - US 6,749,756
  • Fluorous Tagging Compounds and Methods of Increasing the Fluorous Nature of Compounds - US 6,825,043
  • Fluorous Tin Compounds and Methods of Using Fluorous Tin Compounds - US 6,861,544
  • Fluorous Tagging Compounds and Methods of Using Thereof - US 6,673,539, US 6,803,475
  • Fluorous Nucleophilic Substitutions of Alcohols and Reagents for Use Therein - US 6,806,357
  • Fluorous Triphasis Reaction Systems and Other Fluorous Multiphase Systems - US 6,734,318, US 6,897,331
  • Fluorous Phosphines and Phosphine Oxides - US 6,727,390
  • Reverse Fluorous Solid Phase Extraction: A New Technique for Rapid Separation of Fluorous Compounds - US 7,364,908
  • New Fluorous Tagging Reagents and Methods of Synthesis and Use Thereof - US 7,060,850, US 7,576,245
  • Recovery Method for Catalysts Reagents and Coproducts - US 7,875,572
  • Fluorous triphasic reaction and separation processes for the generation of enantioenriched alcohols, amines, carboxylic acids, and related compounds - US 7,214,819
  • Method of oxidizing an alcohol using a recyclable fluorous sulfoxide - US 6,620,972


This is a list of trademarks owned by Fluorous Technologies Inc. Those trademarks followed by ® are registered trademarks of Fluorous Technologies in the United States.

Fluorous Technologies' trademarks may be used only with written permission of Fluorous Technologies Inc.

  • FluoroFlash ®

IP Licensing

Pricing includes a limited license to practice intellectual property either licensed or owned by Fluorous Technologies Inc. for research purposes only.

We realize that intellectual property protection is one of the most important aspects of any commercial development project. At Fluorous Technologies we work to ensure that our customers have the proper level of protection as well as access level to our proprietary technology. If your needs include additional access to our intellectual property, please contact us.