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F-DIAD is the fluorous equivalent of DIAD or DEAD and can be used in Mitsunobu reactions in conjunction with an appropriate phosphine.  The phosphine can be traditional triphenylphosphine, a fluorous phosphine, or even a solid supported phosphine.  When used together with the appropriate fluorous phosphine, a single fluorous separation, either F-SPE or liquid-liquid extraction, can effect separation of both the phosphine oxide and the hydrazine byproducts.  A range of acidic nucleophiles including carboxylic acids, phenols, and phthalimides can be used.  In addition the F-DIAD is thermally more stable than DIAD or DEAD.



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Examples utilizing a fluorous Mitsunobu: 

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C6F13 Bis(1H,1H,2H,2H,3H,3H-perfluorononyl)azodicarboxylate
F026100-0001 1g Inquire
    FW:  838.29 F026100-0002 2g Inquire
      F026100-0010 10g Inquire
      F026100-0025 25g Inquire
      F026100-0100 100g Please Inquire