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Phosphines - single, ethylene spacer

Phosphines - bis, ethylene spacer

Phosphines - tris, ethylene spacer

Phosphines - bis, branched    

Phosphines - tris, no spacer   

Phosphines - tris, branched

Phosphine oxide - single, ethylene spacer

Phosphine oxide - bis, ethylene spacer

Phosphine oxide - tris, ethylene spacer

Phosphine oxide - bis, branched spacer  



Fluorous phosphines are equivalent to conventional triphenylphosphine in a number of applications, including Staudinger (1), Wittig (2), Aza-Wittig (3), and Mitsunobu (4) reactions.  In addition fluorous phosphines have been extensively used as metal ligands in fluorous biphasic catalysis (5) and fluorous thermomorphic applications (6).  Depending on the number of length of the fluorous ponytails, fluorous phosphines and their oxides can be easily removed using either fluorous solid phase extraction or fluorous liquid-liquid extraction.  Please contact FTI for assistance in selecting the most suitable fluorous phosphine for your application.


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Phosphines - single, ethylene spacer

Fluorous triphenylphosphine, F017039, is often used in conjunction with the Fluorous DIAD, F026100, for traditional solution phase Mitsunobu chemistry.


C8F17 Diphenyl-[4-(1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluorodecyl)phenyl] phosphine
F017039-0001 1g Inquire
    FW: 708.40 F017039-0002 2g Inquire
      F017039-0010 10g Inquire
      F017039-0025 25g Inquire
      F017039-0100 100g Inquire