Scavengers - electrophilic

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Isatoic anhydride


Fluorous Metal Scavengers


Fluorous scavengers (1) are analogous to solid supported scavengers that are used to consume excess reagents in a variety of reactions.  Fluorous scavengers have the advantage of solution phase kinetics, precise control of stoichiometry, and greater reactivity therefore requiring fewer equivalents.  Both the scavenger and the scavenged products are then easily separated from the desired product by fluorous solid phase extraction. 


1. For a general review on fluorous scavengers please see Lindsley, C. W.; Leister, W. H. “Fluorous Scavengers”, Handbook of Fluorous Chemistry, 2004, 236-246.



Fluorous isocyanate is a solution-phase scavenger of nucleophiles such as amines and thiols and has been used in the solution phase parallel synthesis of urea, thiourea, and β-hydroxyamine analogs (1,2,3).  F017032, the C8F17 analog, has appropriate fluorine content for the tagging of diverse organic molecules and is recommended for natural product or medicinal chemistry synthesis in combination with fluorous solid phase extraction.  For the use of fluorous isocyanate in the tagging and enrichment of peptides in proteomics applications, please see the Bioreagents section.


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C8F17 2-(Perfluorooctyl)ethyl isocyanate
F017032-0001 1g Inquire
    FW:  489.15 F017032-0002 2g Inquire
      F017032-0010 10g Inquire
      F017032-0025 25g Inquire
      F017032-0100 100g Inquire