Fluorous Solid Phase Extraction (FSPE)  

– Excellent choice for intermediate purification or biological sample enrichment

– Good choice for separating heavier perfluoroalkyl chains like C8F17

The sequence at right shows the separation of a fluorous dye (F-orange; made at Fluorous Technologies) from a non-fluorous one (Solvent Blue-35; Aldrich) by Fluorous SPE over a 2 gram FluoroFlash® silica gel cartridge.

These aminoanthraquinone dyes have about the same polarity and cannot be separated by regular or reverse phase silica gel. The cartridges can be reused. For detailed instructions, along with a list of frequently asked questions, please download the F-SPE application notes from the links above.

Selected References

"Synthetic applications of fluorous solid-phase extraction (F-SPE)" Zhang, W.; Curran, D. P. Tetrahedron Report No. 777, Tetrahedron 2006, 62, 11837-11865.

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Fluorous Solid Phase Extraction is generally a three-step process. The mixture is loaded onto the silica gel using a minimum of organic solvent. A fluorophobic wash, like 20% Water in Methanol, washes away all of the non-fluorous molecules while the fluorous molecules are retained on the silica gel. A fluorophilic wash, such as methanol or THF, is then used to wash the fluorous molecules from the stationary phase.

Solid-liquid extraction over FluoroFlash® silica is currently the most general and most easily implemented fluorous-organic phase separation technique. It is useful for the gamut of fluorous methods. Fluorous solvents are rarely needed for the extractions, and they are used only to wash the silica prior to reuse, if desired.

Fluorous Solid Phase Extraction (FSPE) utilizes fluorous silica as the stationary phase to quickly separate all fluorous molecules from all non-fluorous molecules.

Fluorous Solid Phase Extraction is a powerful technique that can be used with just a single fluorous chain over a wide variety of molecular classes including small molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides and carbohydrates. For synthetic and environmental applications, FSPE can be used to isolate a fluorous molecule from non-fluorous species. For life science applications, FSPE can enrich a biological mixture for a class of compounds (e.g. fluorous cysteinyl peptides).

Simple Procedure

The solid-liquid extractions are operationally filtrations and they are easy to conduct in parallel either manually or by using various automated techniques. In addition to the operational convenience, solid-liquid extractions succeed with many fewer fluorines in the fluorous domain compared to liquid-liquid extractions. For this reason, solid-liquid extractions are especially useful when the desired separation product bears a fluorous tail.

Application notes

      -> Fluorous solid phase extraction              -> Positive pressure SPE

      -> Vacuum SPE                                                   -> 96-well plate SPE

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