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Fluorous Silica Gel

Fluorous Silica

Fluorous silica gel is silica gel that has been derivatized with a fluorous chain. It is a solid fluorous phase into which fluorous molecules may partition. Fluorous molecules are retained by fluorous silica gel while non-fluorous molecules are not.

The separation of fluorous-tagged compounds from non-fluorous compounds using FluoroFlash® silica gel is a central theme of fluorous techniques. Under the appropriate conditions the FluoroFlash® stationary phase retains the fluorous compounds with exceptional efficiency and selectivity. A simple switch of the mobile phase then washes the fluorous compounds from the stationary phase. FluoroFlash® silica gel is characterized by its high loading capacity, outstanding selectivity, and easy recyclability.


Fluorous silica gel can be packed into nearly any format, including solid phase extraction cartridges for prep work, HPLC columns for analytical purposes, multi-well plates for parallel synthesis and pipette tips for micro-scale fluorous solid phase extraction. We can also custom format FluoroFlash® silica to meet your purification needs.

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