Fluorous Applications




Fluorous Proteomics

Benefits of Fluorous Proteomics

  • Advance your research with cutting edge technology
  • Reduce the complexity of your sample by fluorous enrichment
  • Tailor the approach to enrich different subsets of peptides
  • Obtain high selectivity
  • Overcome the limitations of traditional biotin-streptavidin methods
  • Integrate fluorous techniques easily into your workflow

Fluorous tagging and solid phase extraction can reduce the complexity of your sample by enriching biological samples in targeted molecular substrates, for example, cysteinyl peptides, terminal amines, etc. The tagging and enrichment strategy is similar in concept to that of affinity tags. By combining specific reactive functionalities with a perfluoroalkyl chain, fluorous separations are then employed to enrich complex mixtures for the analytes of interest. Fluorous techniques are ideally suited for enrichment due to their bio-orthogonality, simplicity of use, excellent MS characteristics, and compatibility with peptide and protein identification software.


The seminal publication in this field was published by Peters et al from the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation in 2005 and describes the use of fluorous bioreagents in proteomics.[1] Within that publication they described fluorous reagents for Cys tagging, fluorous thiols for phosphoproteome analysis, and fluorous NHS esters for amine tagging, all of which are available from Fluorous Technologies Inc.

Separation of diverse chemical structures using a single method

Once the synthesis is complete the undesired fluorous tagged deletions are easily separated from the complete oligosaccharide sequence by fluorous solid phase extraction (FSPE). Conversely, a fluorous terminal tagging strategy can also be employed where all the truncated sequences are capped with a non-fluorous capping agent and the desired full sequence is fluorous tagged as the final step. FSPE can then be used to separate all the undesired sequences from the fluorous tagged oligosacchride[2].

Get Started with Fluorous Proteomics

Fluorous Technologies Inc. offers a growing line of tags for proteomics. We can also provide you with the FluoroFlash® silica gel used for the enrichment in convenient pipette form, in pre-packed micro LC format, or in loose bulk format for those who prefer to pack their own separation media. Please visit the product links listed under Related Products to the left. You can read more about fluorous proteomics by following the links in the For More Information section.

Selected References

  • Brittain, S. M.; Ficarro, S. B.; Brock, A.; Peters, E. C., Enrichment and analysis of peptide subsets using fluorous affinity tags and mass spectrometry. Nature Biotechnology 2005, 23, (4), 463-468.