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Fluorous Technologies Incorporated


Fluorous Technologies Inc. is a chemical technology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of fluorous products focused at the life science market. The company uses patented technology to solve synthesis, separation and immobilization problems spanning the entire drug discovery and development process. Fluorous Technologies further leverages its enabling technology through service contracts, licenses, and collaborations. Our main business activities include:

  • Sales of fluorous reagents and separation media
  • Custom design and synthesis of new fluorous products and fluorous sorbents
  • Research and development for fluorous applications in chemical biology, proteomics and metabolomics
  • Solution-based consulting, IP licensing and customer support

Our products are novel tools that facilitate the synthesis, separation and immobilization of chemical entities and molecular subsets from synthetic and natural mixtures.

Fluorous Technologies Inc. was founded by Professor Dennis P. Curran in June 2000 with intellectual property from the University of Pittsburgh. In late 2013, the assets of FTI were acquired by Boron Specialties LLC of Ambridge, PA. Also licensed by the University of Pittsburgh, Boron Specialties is continuing to offer key fluorous products through