Corporate Information

Fluorous Business Development


Who better to partner with on the development of novel fluorous techniques than the established worldwide leader in fluorous chemistry? Fluorous Technologies has both in-house experts as well as talented advisors on board to help solve any customer challenge. In fact, the harder the challenge, the more we like it! Contact us today to tap into unparalleled fluorous expertise.

Fluorous Scientific Staff

When you contact Fluorous Technologies, you will speak to a scientist. Nearly every employee has a background in scientific research and many have worked previously within the life sciences. We participate regularly in scientific conferences and publish often in peer-reviewed journals. Over 70 presentations and publications have been published from our lab. We are ready to help you apply fluorous techniques in your work.

Fluorous Network of Scientists

By working with Fluorous Technologies, you not only get access to our expertise but to all the power of our collaborators and partners. If we cannot adequately address your problem, we can put you in touch with someone who can, whether that be in oligonucleotide chemistry, proteomics, microarraying, or any other field.