Fluorous Applications

BioMolecule Synthesis

Benefits of Fluorous Biomolecule Synthesis

  • Complement traditional solid phase synthesis with strategic separations
  • Easily add a powerful, robust purification method into your existing workflow
  • Access longer biomolecules that are problematic with other methods
  • Reduce the number of steps needed to synthesize and immobilize a biomolecule

Fluorous chemistry represents a novel orthogonal phase that can be used in the synthesis and purification of peptides, oligonucleotides, and carbohydrates. Fluorous techniques for biomolecule synthesis include:

  • Solid- or solution-phase synthesis with terminal fluorous tagging
  • Solid- or solution-phase synthesis with fluorous capping
  • Solution- phase synthesis on a fluorous support
  • Solution-phase synthesis using fluorous coupling reagents

In all cases, the fluorous compounds can be separated from the non-fluorous compounds using either fluorous solid phase extraction (FSPE) or fluorous liquid-liquid extraction (FLLE). Fluorous Technologies Inc. can provide you with the right reagents and sorbents to meet all your biomolecule synthesis and purification needs.

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