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Sigma Aldrich Fluorous Cheminar and ChemFiles

Many of the Fluorous Reagents and Fluorous Sorbents are also sold through the SigmaAldrich product catalog. For a list of fluorous products available through Sigma Aldrich, please visit their FluoroFlash Technical web page or contact us.

Academic Lecture Slides

These slides are provided to the academic community in the interest of promoting scientific awareness of this new area of chemistry. They may be freely used and adapted for instructional purposes. Fluorous Technologies encourages you to forward them to colleagues. Please include this informational cover slide when forwarding. These slides and their components may not be used in commercial activities or in publications without prior permission from Fluorous Technologies Inc. Research attributions, where they appear, must always accompany individual slides. Background graphics and other decorative clutter are omitted in case you want to apply your own graphic standards. Notes are attached to each slide.

We appreciate (but do not require) acknowledgement when these slides are used. For more information, questions or comments, contact Fluorous Technologies. Additional slides with fluorous reaction examples are also available.