Fluorous Applications

New Contact Information:
Email ask@fluorous.com
Phone 855-267-6605 (US/Canada)
or 001-724-266-6501

Fluorous Technologies is back in business

Since acquiring assets of Fluorous Technologies in December 2013, Pittsburgh-based Boron Specialties has restarted production. We will continue to offer fluorous synthesis and separation products to the research community under the Fluorous Technologies banner.

We are focused on making the most popular products including SPE cartridges, HPLC columns, and other sorbent materials, as well as the Rf8 homologs of F-Boc-ON, F-silane, F-benzyl alcohol, F-thiol, F-propylamine, F-isocyanate, F-iodide, F-propanol, F-carboxylic acid, and selected biomolecule tags and reagents.

Other compounds may remain available from acquired inventory, but otherwise may be produced only on a custom basis. We are interested in hearing which compounds are of most importance to customers. Please contact us for details.

We own or have exclusively licensed patents covering fluorous synthesis and separation (except for use in certain mass spectrometry based applications). Patent rights are conveyed when you purchase these products from us or one of our distributors.