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Products for sampling & separating perfluorinated compounds including PFAS, PFOS, and PFOA

A universal method

Our HPLC columns with a FluoroFlash stationary phase illustrate the ability to separate perfluorinated molecules with precision.  This example involves deconvolution of a family of fluoroacyl-tagged amides.  The control compound, which has a non-fluorinated alkyl tag, comes off with the solvent front, as do most other non-fluorinated organic compounds. The fluorinated homologs then emerge in order of fluorine content.  A solvent gradient is used to push the more highly fluorinated compounds off the column.

Fluorous separation media

Whether for environmental or synthesis applications, our FluoroFlash® silica gel-based products separate perfluorinated (“fluorous”) from non-fluorous compounds. Even lightly fluorinated compounds can be separated using the right protocol.

Under specified conditions, the FluoroFlash stationary phase retains perfluorinated compounds with exceptional efficiency and selectivity.  Switching the mobile phase then releases the fluorous compounds.  FluoroFlash silica gel is characterized by its high loading capacity, outstanding selectivity, and easy recycleability.

FluoroFlash silica gel is available in bulk or pre-packaged into a variety of analytical & preparative formats.

Fluorous SPE cartridges and HPLC columns are available  in various sizes. 48- well plates, TLC plates, and NuTip formats also available.

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